AC Hoop Pine Plywood



Plywood is manufactured to AS/NZS 2271 and intended for use in non-structural applications where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Imported plywood may be manufactured to other international standards other than PAA, such as IHPA or the JPIC grading standards. The hardwood species used in imported plywood are sourced from sustainable forests internationally. Plywood has many applications including boats, furniture fabrication and door skins.

AC hoop pine plywood with ‘A’ bond glue suitable in marine applications, shopfitting and cabinet making. Stable Hoop Pine construction with high appearance grade face and lesser grade back. Hoop pine provides an excellent substrate for high quality exterior paint & staining.

Thickness Length Width (mm)
1.5mm 2400 1200
3mm 2400 1200
4mm 2400 1200
6.5mm 2400 1200
9.5mm 2400 1200
12.5mm 2400 1200
16mm 2400 1200
18mm 2400 1200
25mm 2400 1200
32mm 2400 1200

Additional information


AS/NZS 2269


A Face, C Back


Internal cladding, Walls, Ceiling & Furniture