Jumbo European Birch Plywood



Jumbo European Birch plywood is a multi-layered plywood panel manufactured from 1.5mm thick veneers which produce a panel of uniform appearance.

It is produced from slow growing plantation logs sourced across the northern hemisphere from Russia to Scandinavia. The slow growth produces veneer that is close-grained and of a consistent high quality.

3000mm long A/B WBP Multiply – Long-grain Rotary Spliced Veneer

Gen-Eco long band A/B Birch is the only long band 100% Birch Plywood available in Australia.

The face and back are spliced rotary veneers. The A face of the 1220mm sheet has a maximum of 6 leaves per face whilst the 1530mm sheet has a maximum of 8 leaves.

These panels are suitable for clear finished wall and ceiling panels and all joinery applications where traditional cross-banded (4 x 8) panels would be used.


  • Furniture Components
  • High-end Joinery applications
  • Wall & Ceiling Linings


  • Large 3000mm sheets
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Safe to work with less prone to splinters & knots

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