ACRE by Modern Mill

Welcome to a World Beyond Wood

The Woodpanel Centre is excited to be the Australian Distributor for ACRE by Modern Mill. This innovative new product utilises rice-husks that are otherwise destined for landfill to create a material with the look, feel and workability of panels made from timber, without depleting natural resources.

ACRE is a sustainable new building product with the warmth and beauty of real wood. But it isn’t wood, or even a wood composite. It’s a whole new material that’s light, strong, water-resistant, and guaranteed not to rot, crack or splinter. Best of all, it’s manufactured in the USA in a zero-waste facility without harming a single tree.

Not only can ACRE be worked using standard cabinet-making tools, it is also thermoformable creating a whole new dimension of possibilities.

Currently stocked in our Brisbane warehouse in sheet form, with smooth and embossed faces, ACRE is also available as Trim Boards, Decking and Siding subject to minimum quantities and lead times.

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